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The Cine Pack 2023

The Cine Pack 2023

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Get your videos looking Cinematic with a simple click!

All you need to do is add the LUT to your footage and adjust exposure (if you shot in LOG, you need to properly convert your footage first)

These LUTs make it simple and easy to get a subtle yet Cinematic look with built-in contrast and color adjustment while preserving skintones and keeping your footage looking good.



Tested to work on Canon, Sony, Panasonic, GoPro & DJI.

These LUTs are designed to give you a clean cinematic look for all kinds of shooting scenarios without spending endless hours colour grading your footage. 

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5 stylized LUTs for Rec709 (.cube files)

5 stylized LUTs for LOG (.cube files)

Compatible with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, and any other software that utilizes 3D LUTs.


Make sure to adjust your footage's exposure, contrast and highlights to fine-tune the style and lower the opacity/output gain if the LUT is too intense.

These LUTs are designed to work with any footage but you will get the best results if you shot in a flat picture profile for better dynamic range (e.g. C-LOG, S-LOG or LOG C).

For footage that has already been corrected or shot directly in Rec709, the REC LUTs will work best, for LOG Footage, the LOG LUTs will work best.

Why use LUTs?

LUTs, or Look Up Tables are an effective way of applying a specific look in your color correction or color grading

Will using LUTs save you time?

LUTs can help you even out the contrast and colours to achieve the desired consistent stylised look across footage and project while saving time.

Consistent Look

One of the biggest challenges in filmmaking is creating a consistent look and feel across all your footage over time.

Using LUTs you can easily apply the same colours and look across all your footage and projects without having to remember what and how you made your adjustments.