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The Community Pack

The Community Pack

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A LUT Pack developed with the community, for the community.

When you subscribe you get access to a LUT Build for your own footage EVERY MONTH along with LUTs built for all the other members.


You subscribe to a monthly plan and get access to all the existing LUTs and your own LUT. As long as you're subscribed you'll get the weekly LUTs included in the Pack and if you find yourself leaving you'll get to keep all the existing LUTs but no longer receive updates and new LUTs.

Simple as that.

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The Community Pack is brand new and only EARLY BIRD access is available at the moment to get the Community up and running.

That means development times might be slightly longer and it'll take up to 2 weeks before you receive the first LUTs including your own.


The Community Pack consists of LUTs for the Community.

This means that all LUTs in the Pack are built for clips and ideas coming directly from the Members of the Pack as a part of the Membership.


The Community Pack is a Monthly Membership.

The Membership includes:

- 1 Custom LUT Built for YOU every month

- Access to all the LUTs built for all other Community Members


As part of your membership you get 1 custom LUT built by Alex.

When you've become a member you will get access to a form asking you to fill out the following:

  1. A clip sent with WeTransfer or a Cloud Drive that the LUT should be built based on.
  2. Camera Model and Colour Profile used to capture the clip.
  3. A description of what you want the LUT to do.
  4. Optional pictures / screenshots of look and style to help the LUT development.

After providing the information and clip, the LUT Building will start and can take up to a week.

When the LUT is ready you'll receive it to check if it works as intended or if there's a bit of tweaking needed to get it just perfect.

When you have approved the LUT it will be included in the next weekly Community Pack update!

Next month you'll be able to repeat the process and get a new custom LUT.


Just like your own custom LUT will be included in the Community Pack, others' will too.

Your name or handle will be included in the naming of the LUT providing exposure to other members and encourage to check out each others work and use of the LUTs.

That means that you'll get access to loads of LUTs over time as the community grows.

As long as you're a member you'll continue to get access to the new LUTs.