Filmmaker, Colourist & Storyteller

Filmmaking, Color Grading & Storytelling

Alex Bjørstorp is a Colourist, Filmmaker & Storyteller.

Besides working with brands worldwide he teaches the craft of color grading on various platforms along with creating digital products that can help ease the process of creating and grading videos.


Color Grading Tutorials.   


Showcasing destinations & color grades


Teaching the art of
Color Grading


Grade & Style your footage with ease

Reels Mini Course by @alexbjorstorp

Did you spent too much money on camera gear without getting your videos looking the way you dreamt of?

The Color Grading Course is a course takes you from absolute beginner to confident and professional color grades.

3 promises that the course will help you
- Understand your camera and footage on a new level
- Teach you how to make your footage look amazing with any camera
- Support you through 1-on-1 live sessions with Alex himself to help you move forward

The Color Grading Course is for anyone who wants to dive deeper into Color Grading and understand how to get the most out of any type of footage.

alex's Most Popular YouTube Videos on Color grading

The Basics of Nodes

A walkthrough of Nodes in Davinci Resolve to help simplify and explain what they are and how they work.

Simple Node Tree For Beginners

A simple node tree structure to help beginners get started with Davinci Resolve and Color Grading with Nodes.

Intermediate Node Tree

An intermediate node tree workflow to help you improve your grading skills and get the results you want in your color grading.

How to use LUTs in Davinci Resolve

A full-blown tutorial on how to best use LUTs in Davinci Resolve, covering 3 workflows for beginners, intermediate and advanced usage.

LUT's for easier Color Grading or to help you learn to Grade yourself!

LUTs | The Color Pack
LUTs | The Color Pack

LUTs | The Color Pack

The Community Pack
The Community Pack

The Community Pack



I would love to hear your thoughts as it will help me improve the products for you and others decide if they should get the LUTs or Course as well 🙏🏻