1-on-1 call

Looking for personal help or coaching?

Alex is experienced in Filmmaking, Color Grading, Working with Brands and creating content on Instagram and YouTube to grow an audience.

If you have questions that you are looking for answers to but can't find any that answers yours specific, then perhaps a call is the way to go!

why call with Alex?

Alex offers complete honesty and clear answers.

You won't get any guru bullshit, growth hacks or sales talk.

A 1-on-1 call is for you to get the answers you're looking for - within the level of expertise that Alex has.

Previous calls has involved;

  • Feedback on Color Grading
  • Help to approach brands
  • Guidance to get into freelance filmmaking
  • Growing an audience on Instagram
  • Specific questions to camera settings (Canon & Sony)

About me (Alex)

I left my job in IT back in 2021 and by the end of the year I started travelling full-time.

Back then I only knew how to take photos and edit and thought I knew business from my previous job.

I didn't have a plan or anyone to help, so I felt quite alone with everything and had to learn it all by myself.

It took a lot of trial and error and more failures than I can count.

2,5 years later I'm still learning but I'm not a filmmaker, YouTuber, content creator, teacher and more.

All that while I've lived in Sri Lanka, Bali, Australia and currently New Zealand.

I've mainly lived from selling my own digital products but with a mix of YouTube adsense, sponsorships and freelance jobs along the way as well as working with brands like FeiyuTech, Zhiyun and SmallRig.

it's not for everyone

Offering these calls is for those looking for answers to specific problems, fast and easy or wanting direct feedback.

The pricing is based on Alex' freelance rate and availability is subject to available time at the current moment.