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@alexbjorstorp The Color Grading Course For DaVinci Resolve

@alexbjorstorp The Color Grading Course For DaVinci Resolve

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Learn how to Color Grade your videos to look professional and stunning with the footage you already have, making everyone around you amazed and allowing you to charge more, without needing to spend immense hours researching topics or using quick-fix bad LUTs.

Get good at Color Grading in less than 30 days from starting out, that's all it takes to understand the concepts and start improving your videos immediately.

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Color Grading allows you to manipulate your videos to fit the mood and emotions that you want to convey in your story.

It's often overlooked as it takes time to learn and master but here are some of the benefits of know how to Color Grade your footage:

  1. Get the exact mood you envisioned
  2. Understand your camera and videos on a deeper level
  3. Improve how you capture video knowing what you can do with it after


Learning yet another skill on top of how to film, edit, record audio, sound design, export, deliver, tell stories and the list goes on, you also need to know Color Grading?

Filmmaking isn't something you learn overnight. It takes time and practice and you need to make a lot of mistakes on the way.

Telling you anything else would be lying.


It all ties together in the end and getting to learn Color Grading early on allows a better understanding moving forward, which you will benefit from along with learning the art of storytelling. Combined the two allows you to envision a story and bring it life in the grading, tying everything together.


It's all about pace and you can go as fast as you want but without structure it's difficult to know if you're running in the right direction.

That's why The Color Grading Course is structured to take you from Beginner to Professional in Color Grading at the pace that suits you.


Color Theory

We start off with the most essential concepts and theories you need to understand Color Grading moving forward, from what a color space is to what complimentary colours mean.

  • 01


  • 02


  • 03


  • 04

    8-BIT VS 10-BIT

  • 05


Landing you in DaVinci Resolve

No matter if you are familiar with DaVinci Resolve or not, you'll be in safe hands and guided through all the steps you need to create videos from your first edit to export.

If you're intimidated by Nodes this is a great opportunity to get an easy understanding of why Nodes are so powerful while you learn to grade like a pro.

We'll start by getting you comfortable in DaVinci Resolve before we move into Correction and Grading.

Color Correction

What can be seen as 'the boring part' is the most essential and foundational part to making your image look great. We always start out by correcting our footage with the goal of getting as close to what it looked like in real life, as possible.

In Color Correction we usually work backwards from CST to Balance.

Color Grading

Now comes the 'fun' part! You'll learn all the techniques you need to start developing your own look and style, getting your videos the exact way you envisioned them.


Having covered all the concepts, tools and techniques you need to make your footage look incredible and stand out from the masses, we dive into workflows for all levels. These will allow you to speed up your Color Grading and get a consistent look across all your videos.

We'll take you from Beginner to Advanced in no time!

Build your own LUTs

Whether you want to speed up your own Color Grading, wow your clients or sell pre-made grades to your audience, having LUTs is a great tool.

We'll cover everything you need to choose what LUT you're building, for whom you're building it, how narrow or wide it should be, how to create it, test it and start using or selling it!

Essentially allowing you to earn back what you've paid for the course.

So the only question remaining is:
What are you waiting for?

You won't be alone!

Here's the deal

I (Alex) will be available to answer questions and help you along the way, you just reach out any time you need help.

If you put in the work work and watch the lessons along with completing the included exercises, we'll be having 1-on-1 live calls where I'll help you with any questions and we'll work on grading your own clips.

Trust me,

I know how it feels to learn it all by yourself, I did that and I wish I had someone to talk to, ask questions and get help and motivation from when I needed it. This is by far the best way to speed up your learning when you feel stuck.



The Color Grading Course teaches everything theoretical and practical you need to know to get your footage to look incredible using DaVinci Resolve.

Ñot being able to get your footage to look great is one of the biggest frustrations when working with videography and filmmaking.

Here's how it works.

  • Sections

    Each section walks you through a theme

    - Color Theory

    - DaVinci Resolve Intro

    - Color Correction

    - Color Grading

    - Workflows

    - Creating Custom LUTs

  • Lessons

    All the lessons are pre-recorded, allowing you to watch them whenever you want, however many times you'd like and in the pace you need.

    New lessons are added monthly to teach new techniques and features.

  • Exercises

    Convert your new knowledge into tangible skills.

    Each section ends with a series of exercises including free footage assets to help you practice what you've learned.

    Each set of exercises unlocks a 1-on-1 session included in the course when submitted.

  • Live 1-on-1 sessions support

    Get 1-on-1 help via zoom with feedback on what you can improve and the possibility to ask questions directly to Alex.

    The only thing I ask in return, is that you put in the work to complete the sections and exercises.

    This will ensure that you've done your best to learn the concepts and practical applications of Color Correction and Color Grading and make the best of both of our time during the sessions.

  • Community

    Get access to a discord community with the other students of the course.

    This is a great chance to connect with others on the same journey as you.

    This is also a direct channel to Alex for asking questions and geting feedback on your grades and footage.

  • Earn back what you paid

    The unique sections teaching how to create your own LUTs can help you earn back the course by

    Selling your own LUTs to friends and creators wow'ed by your incredible footage.


How long is the course?

The lessons sum up to +12 hours and new lessons are added on a monthly basis.

What time are the live 1-on-1 sessions?

We schedule the 1-on-1 sessions between the two of us as soon as possible after you've completed a necessary exercise and at a time that suits us both.

If that turns out to be a Sunday morning, that's when we do it. It's super flexible, so we'll find a time!

Is this course for beginners or advanced?

The course suits both beginners and advanced.

The concepts and techniques taught takes you all the way from knowing nothing about Color Theory, Correction and Grading to mastering your own footage and understanding what's possible.

How long do I have access to the course material?

You have lifetime access to the course!