Your roadmap to Color Grade any of your videos to look amazing.

You bought expensive camera gear.

You've watched an endless amount of YouTube videos to figure out how to make your videos look professional.

But you are still not satisfied.

It doesn't look as professional as other creators that has the same camera.

I KNOW, because I WAS YOU

Hi, I'm Alex.

Back in 2022 I made the switch from Photography to Videography.

I was pretty good at Photo-Editing in Lightroom and getting vibrant colours with good contrast.

I thought the transition to Videography would be easy. I already know how a camera worked, right?

I was wrong.

I had all the settings right, I just didn't know how to color grade.

Everything I Wish I Knew

Get access to all the knowledge I've gained over the last years on how to color grade and make my videos look professional.

All my knowledge, structured in an easy, understandable way and accessible whenever you have time for it, with more than 15 hours of pre-recorded lessons.

Help Is Always Close By!

Included in the course you get direct access to ask me (Alex) any question you may have along the way!

Something that has stood out to all previous students, as I know how difficult it can be to stand alone with everything.

As a student you can always contact me through Instagram, Email or through our Discord Community to get help as fast as I can get to it (usually within 24 hours).

Check out Matt's experience going through the course below!


I have two versions of the course; Standard & Premium


Standard Version

+15 hours of content to teach you Color Grading 


  • recordings of live workshops,
  • access to our discord community,
  • exercises and
  • access to ask any questions and get feedback through Email, DM & Discord


Premium Version

Everything in Standard plus

5 hours of 1-on-1 calls with Alex (worth 265 USD)

A unique chance to get 1-on-1 video calls with Alex personally and get direct help with anything you need!

When you're a Premium Student you get a link to book calls with Alex through his weekly availability and you use the calls whenever you won't - no fixed timeline.

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Your roadmap to Color Grade any of your videos to look amazing.

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+15 hours of content to teach you Color Grading


  • recordings of live workshops,
  • access to the discord community,
  • exercises and
  • written feedback through Email and DM
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Course Content.

Collapsible content


▶️ What To Expect From The Color Grading Course
▶️ Staying Consistent With The Right Mindset

Color Theory

▶️ Introduction To The Color Grading Section

▶️ How Cameras Capture Color

▶️ Understanding Color Spaces

▶️ Bit Depth: 8 Bit vs. 10 Bit

▶️ What is a LOG Profile?

📝 Recap Your Color Theory

🧑🏼‍💻 Live Call Unlocked

DaVinci Resolve

▶️ Introduction To DaVinci Resolve

▶️ Intro To The Color Page and Nodes

Color Correction

▶️ Understanding The Waveform Scope

▶️ Understanding The Vector Scope

▶️ Working With Contrast

▶️ LOG to Rec.709

▶️ Correcting Exposure

▶️ Color Balancing

▶️ Protecting Highlights

📝 Exercise 1: Correct The Footage

📝 Exercise 2: Correct The Footage

📝 Exercise 3: Correct The Footage

🧑🏼‍💻 Live Calls Unlocked

Color Grading

▶️ Adjusting Hues

▶️ Developing Styles & Looks

▶️ Saturation

▶️ Masking

▶️ LUTs and How To Use Them

▶️ Protecting Skin Tones

▶️ Noise Reduction // Studio Feature

▶️ Magic Mask // Studio Feature

📝 Exercise 1: Grade The Footage

📝 Exercise 2: Grade The Footage

📝 Exercise 3: Grade The Footage

🧑🏼‍💻 Live Calls Unlocked


▶️ Beginner Node Tree

▶️ Intermediate Node Tree

▶️ Advanced Node Tree

💡 Tip: Horisontal To Vertical Grading

LUT Building

▶️ Introduction: What Is A LUT

▶️ How To Save, Export & Use A LUT In DaVinci Resolve

▶️ Types Of LUTs

▶️ What To Include In A LUT

▶️ Building A Conversion LUT

▶️ Building A Correction LUT

▶️ Building A Creative LUT

▶️ Testing LUTs: Theoretical

▶️ Testing LUTs: Practical

💡 Tip: Horisontal To Vertical Grading


It's possible to get a payment plan if you can't afford the full amount at the current moment.

See the options below.

  • 2 MONTHS

    Pay the course over 2 months.


    Standard Version: 160 USD

    Pay 80 USD now and 80 USD in a month.

    Premium Version: 260 USD

    Pay 130 USD now and 130 USD in a month.

  • 3 MONTHS

    Pay the course over 3 months.


    Standard Version: 180 USD

    Pay 60 USD now, 60 USD per month for 2 months.

    Premium Version: 270 USD

    Pay 90 USD now, 90 USD per month for 2 months.


Watch one of my most popular YouTube Tutorials, to get the base understanding and a better idea of the concepts we'll uncover in the course.


I want to help as many as possible, learn how to Color Grade and get their videos to the next level.

If by any reason you can't enrol but really want to, send me an email explaining your situation and I'll see what I can do to help!