You've got the fancy, expensive camera.

You've know how to shoot video.

But... the videos coming out just does not look good, as other creators.

Good Color Grading is what you are missing.

You don't have the time to dive into Colour Grading yet.

It hurts that you have invested a lot of money in gear.

Only to get bad looking videos.

Trust me, I know the feeling...

Hi, I'm Alex.

Back in 2021 I made the switch from Photography to Videography.

I was pretty good at Photo-Editing in Lightroom and getting vibrant colours with good contrast.

I thought the transition to Videography would be easy. I already know how a camera worked, right?

I was wrong.

However, I was determined to make it as a full-time creative, travelling the world.

While it still sounded delusional as I hadn't made any money in 6 months, I had been convinced by a more successful creator that videography was the path to go.

So, I ended up spending the next year diving deep into Colour Grading, understanding it in-depth to the point where it's become second nature - almost 2 years later.

Along the way I bought LUTs from different creators but few things became evident.

1. These LUTs were made by other creators whom didn't know Colour Grading in-depth.

2. The LUTs were designed to be, LUTs and NOT GOOD Colour Grading.

3. They weren't actually being used by the Creators themselves.

That's why I've created my own LUTs, now, after studying Color Grading for a long time.

And, these are the LUTs I use myself, in pretty much all my videos.

My own go-to is Everyday Cinematic 2.


See an example below.

Below are real clips, from a recent Hotel Collaboration I've done in Bali.

All clips were graded with Everyday Cinematic 2
+ Rec.709 Conversion (included in The Color Pack)
+ Exposure & Color Balance adjusments
+ Added Saturation where needed
+ Simple Masking Techniques.

But, Alex, you said that the LUTs does the work but you've added a lot of adjustments?

A LUT is meant to help you grade but not do all the work for you.

If the LUT does all the work, chances are that it won't work very well across all your footage, for a long time into the future.

Let's take an example:

If the LUT adds a lot of Contrast, Saturation and Blue Color.

You will be in trouble when

- your clip already is on edge with contrast.

- your clip contains all the saturation it needs already

- the clip is meant to be warm, not cold (blue).

My solution to this problem has been to create different styles of LUTs.

In The Color Pack you'll find the best of both worlds.

Creative LUTs that add more Contrast and Colour (requires less adjustments).

Cinematic LUTs that add soft Contrast and Colour (the ones I use myself).

Sky LUTs developed for drones (but all the LUTs work with drone footage).

  • Rec.709

    Only the CLOG3 Conversion LUT Applied.

  • Everyday Cinematic 2

    Everyday Cinematic 2 + A Little Saturation Boost.

No need to struggle anymore.

It's time to make good colours easy!

The Color Pack makes it easy and fast but more importantly; FUN to get great colors.

It removes the difficulty of color grading.

And if you need help with the adjustments around the LUT, you're covered there as well.

The Color Pack includes a 36-minute pre-recorded workshop to show how you can get the most out of ANY LUT.


    Get your footage from LOG to Rec.709 no matter the camera.


    16 unique LUTs; grade your clips in the best colours with a simple click and adjustments


    Exclusive workshop that teaches you how to use ANY LUT with ANY CLIP

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LUTs | The Color Pack

LUTs | The Color Pack

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The Color Pack is a LUT Pack that makes it easy and simple to Color Grade your videos with 16 High-Quality Premium LUTs that work for All Cameras and Specifically for Drones.

With a simple Conversion from LOG to Rec.709 and then applying one of the Creative LUTs you're ensured to have great colors and consistency across the whole project!

All there's left to do is adjust the exposure for each clip as you see fit and you're ready to export.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeppe Ørsted
The best I've tried!

These are pure quality luts! Definately recommend!


All LUTs are thoroughly tested on a growing list of more than 1000 different clips from all different cameras and brands to ensure they are diverse and work effectively with any clip, camera brand and situation you encounter.


I guarantee these LUTs will work with your footage. If it doesn't I'll personally help you make them work on your own footage free of charge.

If you aren't happy with the LUTs even after we've worked together to apply them to your footage, you'll receive a full refund.